It’s starting to look like Halloween on PacRimX

Over the weekend we started a holiday event. The Modesto students and teachers are working on making the Modesto Island of PacRimX into the Haunted Modesto Island. We put down a centerpiece for the attraction, a Haunted House on a hill over the weekend.

This house comes complete with its own graveyard for past year’s students:

Inside the house there are themed rooms to assist the students with getting in the mood, and conveying the flavor of the holiday to our Japanese residents. One room in the haunted house is adorned with everything pumpkin:

Several rooms are loaded with selections of wings and avatars for students to get copies of for dressing up for the fun.

On Tuesday we will have our first “official” voice activity with Kyoto Gakuen. We are keeping the computer labs open at our two high schools that are now participating in the project from 4:00 – 8:00pm to allow for cross over between our days. Students in Kyoto are encouraged to use their voices to communicate with the Modesto students. After touring the haunted house, students are teleported out to a nearby cemetery where they can visit other Halloween areas set up by the students:

We hope that everyone has fun with their trick or treat conversations, and that this will serve as the launching point for many more voice communications on the island between students. Next month the Kyoto Students will be returning the favor and performing their virtual version of the “Festival of Ages” (or Jidai-matsuri) for the Modesto students.

This Halloween event has the potential to really load up our islands, and will be a test of the load capacity of out islands. We could easily have over 100 students online at the peak 4:30 – 6:00pm time. I will report back on how well the event goes, and hopefully have some good screenshots.


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