Scavenger Hunt on PacRimX

Kathy Soares, our Modesto teacher on PacRimX, asked that I put together a scavenger hunt for her students. She wanted something that would take them through all the various navigation and basic interface functions of Second Life, while making the experience fun. Last night I put together this Scavenger Hunt.

Here’s the starting point for the hunt:

The little trophy sitting on the glass table is an example of the other ten that were hidden across the islands. The students click on each one for a notecard. The notecards contain a code that they will email to their teacher to show that they found the hidden objects. Each notecard also has a hint to the next in the series. The final trophy is high above the clouds above the islands.

It will be interesting to see how the students like this little game. If they go through in sequence, and effectively navigate the terrain, they will have mastered movement through the virtual space.

There was a group of students online last night while I was putting this together. They are already coming up with ideas for things of their own for the island. Now, if I could only get them all to pick up after themselves. They have not quite mastered the art of putting objects back in their inventory.

Once all the students have run through this Scavenger Hunt I will post pictures on our Flickr account of all the hiding spots.  I especially like the way Dracula’s crypt came out.  Here’s a picture of the pumkin room in the Haunted House:

Trashed Pumpkin Room

Compare this to the pre-event state:


I got the idea to trash the house from the excellent Eric Call award winning machinema “Silver Bells and Golden Spurs“.


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