The Benefit of 7 x 24 Access on PacRimX Island

This post will be from the viewpoint of Chris Flesuras in Kyoto. They were having an Open Campus that involved opening the Second Life lab to parents and students. There were some Modesto students online at the time and an impromptu event resulted that could never have been planned. This speaks to the benefits of having a project like PacRimX that is “always on” and cuts across the time differences between our schools.

“We had an Open Campus today where parents and potential students visited our ICT class. There were about 6 or 7 Modesto kids on with around 15 of our own kids, and it was a great (though unexpected) event.

The kids were communicating, chatting, and even singing. Geire Modesto built a stage and Haakunooma Modesto gave a singing performance live. How great is that?

Many thanks to the students who just happened to be online at the time. The Japanese students and parents were very impressed. I also had alot of fun chatting with some of the new students from Kathy and Brad’s classes.”

Here are some screenshots from this event. I was eating dinner and could hear the singing performance of Haakunooma. At first I thought it was the radio, or some streaming station that my kids were listening to in the next room. Then after taking a second listen I heard all the other voices.

Everyone had a good time, and this really demonstrated the benefits of having full voice support. The possibilities are endless for the use of voice on the PacRimX Islands, especially when you consider the spoken language and language learning opportunities.


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