Windlight at Sunset

Ok, I was curious after seeing all the posts on the official SL Blog about the new Windlight First Look Client this week. I decided to download it this evening and installed it for a test drive. I was still parked at the theater from last Friday’s Federal Virtual World’s Conference, so I stepped outside and flew out to find a killer whale in the bay for my test drive.

Orca at Sunset

Orca Sunset Viewing

Here is a snapshot of me riding the back of an Orca in the bay while watching the sun set. This is not the highest graphics setting for the new Windlight engine, it’s one off from the highest setting. Pretty impressive environmental effects with this new first look client. It was noticeably slower, and I was not able to log into the PacRimX islands to try it out there (I guess this is only a main grid test for now). Overall, pretty impressive if you have the horsepower to drive it.


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