Alice in Virtual Wonderlands

Ok, let me say right up front that this is not about a virtual world (at least not an online virtual world). I am down in Monterey, CA at a Technology Conference sponsored by the California League of Middle Schools, California League of High Schools, and Computer Using Educators (CUE). I am here to give a general session on the PacRimX Project. The title of my presentation is “Virtual World K-20 Case Studies”. I will have a link to a PDF of the PowerPoint on Monday. I’ll also post some thoughts on the conference when I get home Sunday night.

Anyway, back to Alice. You can find the homepage for Alice at

Alice is a virtual world development platform designed to teach students about object oriented programming. It uses a 3D construction toolset to build scenes and sets, then use object oriented programming to add action and intelligence to the picture. The whole thing is point and click and very intuitive. It looks to have a great deal of potential for introducing students to the concepts of object oriented programming, and being a stepping stone into programming in other “real” environments.

If you are teaching a programming class, or even an introduction to computers, this might be just to ticket to hook in the students with a fun and educational environment for exploring the concepts of object oriented programming. And you can’t beat the price, FREE!


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