New Nexus Project

Terra Nova has a post up on a proposed education virtual world platform by Tripp Robbins. The name of this proposed system is the “New Nexus Project”.

Terra Nova New Nexus Project Article

Before reading any further, realize that this project does not exist yet. It’s not in Alpha, or even Beta, it’s more of a Theta project (OK, that’s not really a phase for a gaming project, I just made it up).

There’s a website that has been put up to promote this proposed project. A quote from the article explains the inspiration for this project:

After spending a lot of time in various virtual worlds/games/simulation, the idea of using a VW for education seemed powerful. I spent the last 18 months or so doing research on “what’s out there” (and I’m sure I missed a lot). After a great seminar on “Using Videogames in Education” at Stanford University with James Gee as the key presenter (and others from UWisconsin and Stanford) last summer, I came away feeling like what was needed is a tool kit for educators to create VW content. That led to the creation of the New Nexus project.”

If this interests you, jump to the Terra Nova article linked above to read about this project and browse the comments that have started being posted in response.



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