Getting Serious

The Economist has a post up today on Second Life:

Getting Serious

The article covers the cycles of worlds like Second Life. The ups and downs, and the disputes that erupt between residents are discussed, as well as other late comers to the virtual world (like the IRS). This is a pretty balanced article on the phenomenon of virtual worlds, and both the hype and reality of the platforms.

One paragraph discusses how Cisco is using this space:

“Cisco, an American network-equipment giant, is using virtual worlds to improve internal collaboration, says Christian Renaud, the company’s “chief architect of networked virtual environments”. Such environments are used to host meetings and to create virtual workspaces for employees who may be part of the same team but spread out over half a dozen countries. The hope is that the use of virtual worlds, rather than more structured forms of communication such as e-mail or conference calls, will make serendipitous meetings more likely and interpersonal networking easier. Holding business meetings in a simulated environment is not quite as glamorous as the depictions of virtual reality found in science fiction. But it makes a change from the usual drab meeting rooms.”

Follow the above link to read the whole article, it’s worth a read.


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