It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on PacRimX

A snowstorm hit the island over the weekend. We’ve got about a foot of snow on the island. The summer weather went away almost overnight.

What’s actually going on here is that we are having a Christmas party at the district office of Modesto City Schools. This is the annual Business Division Christmas lunch. Every year we do a game show for the entertainment portion (in addition to bringing in the students from the adjacent elementary school). This year we are doing a version of the 70’s classic ‘Match Game’. Our celebrities are district office managers.

I was asked to put together a quick little scoreboard using PowerPoint. In past years we’ve done Jeopardy using PowerPoint, and other games. I was just not happy with the scoreboard I came up with. We will have the questions up on big screens and one screen will be our scoreboard (this is taking place in our School Board Meeting Room). It finally dawned on me to use Second Life to make a Christmas set for the scoreboard. My finished game set has a snowy countryside complete with falling snow. The snowman and Christmas trees add to the setting.

As the topper to the event I created a little red headed Christmas female elf to act as the virtual “Vanna White”. The little red Santa hat is the ribbon on the package. Again, Second Life proves to be a perfect platform for quickly and easily prototyping 3D environments. I’ve even got a red and green button to the right of the score board for playing sounds when right and wrong answers are given. We’ll see how everyone likes it at the party. What fun!


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