CETPA Article on Virtual Worlds

I have been a member of CETPA (formerly CEDPA) for just over ten years now. This is an organization made up of technologists working in K-12 education across California. Membership has grown over the past years, and recently we joined up with CoSN (a national organization).

The Winter edition of the DATABUS magazine was just published. I was asked to write an article for this issue on virtual worlds. I was given a fair amount of space and I am very pleased with how it came out. I think it accurately reflects the state of the industry today, and hints at where we might be going:

CETPA Databus Article: Brave New Worlds (PDF) (HTML)

In an interesting twist, I was also interviewed for the member profile for this edition. I was able to expand on my views for technology for both the CETPA organization, and for our students. I also used it as a call to action for others in education IT to step up and challenge the status quo in education. It was a fun interview, and I think I made my points with my replies to their questions.

DataBus Speaks with Stan Trevena (PDF) (HTML)



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