Trip to San Francisco and Linden Lab

I took a day off from work today to go over to San Francisco and Linden Lab. I responded to a request on the SLED listserv for participating in a research project. Having banked a few days of vacation from a weekend conference a few weeks back in Monterey, I took the opportunity to go for a visit, and to finish off my Christmas shopping.

I decided to drop into San Francisco from the North. I’ve grown quite fond of the Marin Headlands area north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This was my third visit in so many months. I am usually there late in the day, and wanted to get a different perspective and lighting on the bridge.

The thing that really makes this picture amazing is that it was pouring down rain only four hours prior to this. It was raining so hard over at my house that I requested that my 9:00am visit to Linden Lab be pushed to the afternoon. I got a call while wandering the headlands area that my time had been shifted to 12:15pm.

I’ve been to the Linden Lab offices three times in the past year, the last time in March. Apparently back in July they opened up new offices just around the corner. I went to the old offices and was promptly redirected to the new facility.

These offices are dead on what I would expect from Linden Lab. They actually look like they were constructed using the Second Life platform, then moved into the real world. Lots of open space, rustic large wood beams, metal staircases, and glass throughout the building. Very nice.

I can’t discuss what I was there doing, as I had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). I did get a chance to say high to Claudia, who has also moved to the new offices. We had a nice chat while she was eating her lunch. It’s always nice to have a face to face from time to time when you usually communicate virtually.

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan Town. Today I was out early enough to get over and spend a few hours wandering through all the shops. This picture was taken in the Freedom Square in Japan Town:

I took some pictures and will be taking my kids back after Christmas. I barely scratched the surface of this area of the City. I then ended my visit to San Francisco by stopping off at Kid Robot in the Haight Ashbury district. Before the hippies invaded the Haight in the 60’s, it was a prominent Japanese neighborhood.

Many of the toys Kid Robot produces are shipped off to Japan (they actually have a Tokyo store). I saw many of their toys in Japan Town. One of my kids likes to make Kid Robot toys in Second Life, and has several on display in his dorm room on the island.

It was a great day in the City, and made for a nice break from work just prior to the holidays. I don’t think I could have picked a better day to go over there. Now to get started on reproducing the Freedom Square from Japan Town on the PacRimX islands.


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