Educational Ning Networks

Steve Hargadon blogs about education, open source, social networking, and Web 2.0. I met Steve last year in San Jose at a CETPA/CoSN Symposium. I was there speaking on a panel about the PacRimX project. We had a great conversation after the sessions on open source. He does a great education podcast as well. has a post up listing a collection of Ning education related networks provided to them by Steve. So if you need another few social networks to sign up for, you need to check out this list:

Education-centric Ning social networks proliferating like bunnies

Of course M.U.V.E. Me doesn’t appear in this list<bwg>. This was an experiment I did for virtual world educators using Ning. If nothing else, Ning provides a great portal for people to post a virtual business card with links to their blogs and institution’s websites. There are a few very cool mixed reality avatar pics in the members area of M.U.V.E. Me worth checking out.

Note: Steve sent me a link to the original list at a wiki that people can add their Ning’s to:


2 responses to “Educational Ning Networks

  1. Hey! Thanks for the plug. The original site for the list is, and it is a wiki where you can add MUVEMe! Please do. The list has grown since Marc A. blogged about it. 🙂

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