New Robbie Dingo Video – Meteors

When the history of Second Life is written, the glossy pages in the middle of the book will highlight the works of Rob Wright (aka Robbie Dingo). He truly works magic in creating virtual art using Second Life as his canvas. His latest video is Meteors, featuring a song by Kirsty Hawkshaw.

Meteors Video – Robbie Dingo, music by Kristy Hawkshaw

I’ve shown his Watch the World(s) video at several conferences where I was presenting on virtual worlds to teachers. Comments from the audience afterwards are always the same; “Amazing“, “That gave me goose bumps!“, “How is that possible?“, and “Who is Robbie Dingo?“.

His last video was a morphing who’s who of Second Life, Mask. He also stunned many with his video on how Suzanne Vega’s guitar was built for her online concert.

One of the first of his videos that I ever saw was Better Life. This video really struck home for me, as I have a very close friend that I’ve known since high school that is handicapped and uses a wheelchair. He’s also very much into computers, for both business and pleasure. We’ve traveled many a virtual world and MMO together. It’s a perfect way to escape for a few hours. He’s at CES right now in Las Vegas waiting in line in a wheelchair trying to get into Bill Gate’s last CES Keynote. Hopefully he will get in.

If you’ve not seen Robbie’s work, you owe it to yourself to go and check out his videos. They are truly inspiring.


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