The Dalai Haskell’s Podcast

There’s an innovative new video podcast that is aimed squarely at educators using Second Life:

The Dalai Haskell’s Podcast

The format for this show is similar to that of a late night talk show. Various guests are asked to come on and answer questions about their exploits in Second Life. There’s a lot of quirky humor mixed in with some good information.

NOTE: If you right click and ‘Save As’ on the direct link for an episode, it can take upwards of 15 mins to download on a fast connection.

The first official episode was released today. A pilot was released a few weeks back. I am a guest on this first episode.  It was a lot of fun doing this show.  I think Chris Haskell is onto something here.  I wish him success with this podcast.

Pop on over and take a peek at the episodes. You might just like it so much that you add it to your podcast subscriptions.  With the TV writer’s strike still dragging out, we all need new shows to watch.


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