Air Force MMO in the works?

Virtual World News has an article up about a possible Air Force MMO that may be in the works:

Air Force Unveils Potential Plans for MyBase Virtual World

Air Education and Command released a white paper that details new plans for their education program over the next twenty years. The centerpiece of the plan is a virtual education platform called MyBase. The white paper is 29 pages long and details a new model called “Air Force 2.0”.

A quote from the article:

“But the white paper identifies a need to go beyond training pilots to fly well and to “do this by recruiting and developing Airmen with agile minds, capable of leveraging Air Force knowledge to accomplish the mission. They will provide a hedge against the vagaries of an uncertain and rapidly changing future threat environment. The Air Force needs to dramatically improve its ability to operate in the cognitive domain and increasing the intellectual capital of Airmen will be critical to the effort.””

Hit the jump above to read the full article, or go here to view the full white paper.


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