Simple Web Based Streaming into Second Life

I have to thank my new friend (and co-presenter at NASA) Cathy Arreguin for this tip. Now there’s an easy way to stream live video from your desktop into Second Life:

The Live TV Studio in Your Browser

It doesn’t get any easier than this. If you have a Mac or PC you can register for ‘free’ at this site. One you download a small plug-in for your browser you can set up a streaming broadcast. By clicking some settings for your video broadcast you get the camera queued up. Once you hit ‘record’ the camera rolls. At the bottom of the page is the RTSP URL that you can paste into the streaming media window in Second Life (if you are an estate owner). If you have your defined texture in-world, the video will start streaming almost instantly (there is a few second delay).

There’s gotta be a catch, right? Well, not really if you are just streaming live into Second Life. If you want to use this as a webcast platform you pay for simultaneous web viewers. Prices are not listed on their Subscription Plans page, you have to request a quote.

Jump to the site using the above link and sign up for your free account (with 500mb of online storage).


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