Wii can play Second Life

MIT’s Technology Review has an article online today on a new Wii like controller coming to PC’s:

Moving in on the Wii

My kids absolutely love their Wii. They’ve had it since it was first released over a year ago. The other consoles in the house don’t get much use since the Wii came home. The key to this addiction is the control scheme for the Wii. The Wii uses a motion sensing handheld device that looks like a TV remote control to translate movements of the player to the screen.

Now this same technology is coming to the PC. Motus Darwin is bringing a more specialized controller, similar to a Wii remote, to the PC market. While the article does not mention the supported games for this peripheral, you have to believe that it will either have a Second Life driver, or one will quickly be created in the SL User Community soon after its release.

Jump on over to the article for the full details on this new peripheral.


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