Hello Kitty MMO in Closed BETA

There are always complaints in the MMO market about how no good high production games are being made for girls. Well, as my nine year old would say, “This game clearly belongs on the pink aisle”.

Kotaku has a post up about a Hello Kitty MMO entering closed BETA.

Finally- Hello Kitty MMO enters Closed Beta

Hello Kitty has been around since I was a kid, and Sanrio’s properties are hugely popular in Japan, and around the world. This MMO goes beyond the “kiddie” MMO’s that are being pumped out on a daily basis here in the US (that I’ve been writing about lately). Here’s the scoop from the press release:

“Hello Kitty Online is fully integrated with official Sanrio portal Sanriotown.com, which utilizes blogs, email, video sharing, Sanrio merchandise sales and more to create a digital and social experience accessible at any time. Players of Hello Kitty Online can extend their game experience on Sanriotown.com by interacting with other players, purchasing upgrades for their in-game characters, etc”

You can read the full press release at the above link. While this is not World of Warcraft, this MMO is not aiming for that demographic. This one is clearly aimed squarely at the pre-teens to twenties female demographic. This demographic may push subscriptions for this MMO well past the 10 millions claimed for WOW. And it’s free to play.

So say Hello to the new kid moving to the MMO block. It will be interesting to track the sign-up numbers after this launches.


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