Media Zoo Launch

Terra Nova has a post up about the launch of the Media Zoo project:

Organising Virtual Events

On December 18th, 2007 Twofour Learning and the Beyond Distance Learning Research Alliance at the University of Leicester launched the Media Zoo project in Second Life. This was a mixed reality event taking place in both the real world and Second Life.

The event experience detailed in the article highlights the problems with these types of events and concurrent avatars on a single island. The article states that the upper limit on avatars for an island is 100. We have had the PacRimX Islands lock out avatars with less than 50 avatars on a single island. These counts have to increase in future releases if Second Life is ever going to be able to support major in-world events of 100+ avatars.

This is an interesting project. Follow the link to read the whole story, and don’t miss the links to a YouTube video and other information on this project.


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