Spore Educational?

I was able to see Spore, the new game from Will Wright, at NASA a few weeks ago. Will Wright is the father of the ‘Sim’ series of games (SimCity, SimEarth, Sims, etc). Spore has reached the mythical status of ‘Vaporware’ due to it being years past its original projected release date. I was even starting to question if it was ever going to make it out of the lab myself.

But I have now seen the light! While I only saw the space stage of the game at NASA, I did get to see some of the editors and early gameplay too. Gamespot has an excellent video up today with an interview with Will and one of the other project leaders.

Gamespot Spore Interview Video (7:17 mins)

This game has taken a lot of heat over the past six months. After seeing the demo, and watching this video, the release of this game may lead to an extinction level event for crows (as everyone sets the table for a feast of feathers).

Spore is more than just a game. Spore looks to incorporate many features from Web 2.0, Wiki’s, Video publishing, and Social Networks to enhance and expand the game environment. The way in-game data can be shared and subscribe to seems to point to a new direction for game content that goes far beyond the traditional ‘mods’ and user created content (like in the Sims). It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the potential for some of these gameplay elements being used in future educational gaming environments.

The last date that was widely published for the release of Spore was May 9th. Most online gaming sites were taking pre-orders on this date. Will Wright would not answer the question of a release date at NASA a few weeks back. The ‘official’ date was finally announced yesterday.

Everyone can enjoy the outdoors this summer, as come September 12th a lot of people will be popping Vitamin D supplements in place of the direct sunlight they are not getting as a result of this game.


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