News about Lego MMO!

Finally there’s news on the still under development Lego MMO. Kotaku landed the interview that has details on this upcoming MMO aimed at the 8 – 12 year old crowd.

A Chat With Mark Hanson About Lego Universe

Here’s a quote from the post:

“The game will be mainly aimed at the 8-12 set, but much like the Star Wars games, Hanson expects that quite a few adults will be interested as well. But the main goal is to create a safe space MMO where kids can go to play comfortably without all the nonsense that many adult MMOs bring to the table. Regular chat will be a moderated system with canned questions and responses, but there will also be a free “friend list” chat that will be available to players with parental approved friend’s lists.”

Jump to the full post at the above URL to read all about it.


One response to “News about Lego MMO!

  1. Honestly, who would want to play LU if it was just quick chat?

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