ISTE and Holodecks

I have been slammed lately with both work and home projects. I am just finishing up a remodel at home, and I was at a conference last week (see below entries on the Sun WERC Conference). This week I am off again to a conference Wednesday through Sunday down in Palm Springs. So updates are going to be few and far between. I will likely get some posts up while down at the CUE Conference, as I am helping with a Second Life Playground.

Tomorrow night we are doing a talk for ISTE on ISTE Island in Second Life. Here are the details for our talk:

ISTE Speakers Series Session, Tuesday, March 4, 6:00 PM SLT

PacRimX, The First Year

Brad Cornwell, Business/Technology Instructor, Johansen High School

Chris Flesuras, III, English Instructor and Foreign Affairs Officer, Kyoto Gakuen High School

Kathy Soares, Business/ROP Instructor, Modesto High School

Stan Trevena, Director, Information and Technology Services, Modesto City Schools

Are you feeling lost in Second Life? Are you curious about how other projects were created and funded? Do you have questions about what works and what flops with students? What are the challenges in running a project on the Teen Grid? Come to the ISTE island and join in a session with the cofounders of the PacRimX Project, a virtual foreign exchange project on the Teen Grid of Second Life. They will be joined by two Modesto City Schools high school teachers who will share their experiences with integrating Second Life into their curriculum. Ample time will be allotted for questions and comments.

It should be a good show, as we are only going to talk for half of the hour and take questions for the rest. We are going to share more of what we’ve learned so far from this project than what we’ve done (although there will be some screenshots from the island). So if this interests you, show up tomorrow night at ISTE Island.

The Metaverse and Holodecks:

There’s a thread over on the SLED listserve where Char-Lez said:

“I think the problems of the metaverse are going to get more pronounced as the interface gets better. If we ever reach a stage where the experience is completely immersive such as the Star Trek Holodeck, then it seems likely to me some people will hook themselves up to feeding tubes and plug in and never come out. You can stack an awful lot of otherwise comatose folks in a small area for support staff to tend.”

Here’s a picture of a slide from a presentation at the NASA Virtual Worlds Conference from last month. I think the picture will speak to any Trek fan:

I have accumulated quite a bit of ‘stuff’ from the last two conferences that I will get online as soon as I have some time. It will trickle out over the next few weeks. With any luck, I will get some posted late this week when I am down at CUE. Until then, ‘Live long and prosper’.

And another teaser of some slides from one of the presentation from Vortex VR Nightclubs (Vortex Immersion Media):

I’ll try to get all of this stuff online soon. Keep an eye out for more ‘cool’ stuff in the not too distant future.


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