New Avatar on Main Grid

Over the years I’ve neglected my main grid avatar (I was a BETA tester in 2003). I spend 99% of my time on the Teen Grid on our PacRimX Island, so what does it matter?

My kids harassed me last night about having a plastic looking avatar. After rejecting their offers to make me a furry avatar, with the help of my kids I went shopping for a skin, body shape and hair (oh, and a new set of specs, can’t have an avatar without my bifocal sunglasses).

So here’s the new and improved Quidit avatar all dressed up and ready to present tomorrow night at ISTE. While I was shopping I picked up a classic pair of black Converse high tops, like I wore as a kid. They look funny with the suit, so in this shot my avatar is wearing a pair of prim shoes.  After five years I’ve finally shed my noob avie looks.

 It’s amazing what $10 US will do in Second Life.


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