Day Two: CUE Conference

Day two of the CUE Conference didn’t go exactly as planned. My enthusiasm for the two sessions that were going to be delivered by Dr. Chris Dede were cancelled! Yes, you read that right. When was the last time you saw a spotlight speaker at a major conference cancel? Well, apparently it was not his fault. Many people coming to Palm Springs through Dallas got stuck, and could not get out to California. And of all things, it was a snowstorm in Dallas that caused all of this air havoc.

Here’s a story about the freak storm and resulting 200 flight cancellations through Dallas:

Weather prompts 200 flight cancellations

It’s kind of hard to wrap your brain around a huge snowstorm when it’s in the mid-80’s here in Palm Springs (although there is still snow on the summits around Palm Springs). It looks like Chris Dede uploaded the drafts for his presentations to The CUE Community (links were added to the comments section of each page):

21st Century Learning Styles and Mobile Technologies

River City: How Immersion in Virtual Worlds Helps Real Students

Student Skills for the 21st Century

Links to all of the sessions here at the conference are available from this page on The CUE Community.

I am amazed that more administrators don’t come to this excellent conference, as I’ve only seen a handful of my peers this week. I find that this is a great conference for administrators (especially technology administrators like myself) to attend to hear firsthand what teachers are being told that they should use in their classrooms, and what’s hot. It’s great to walk the exhibit hall and see how the various companies are pitching their wares to the teachers. And by far, it’s an excellent opportunity to network with teachers, teachers from all over the state, on how they feel about technology, what they want in their classrooms, and how they feel about the tech people at their sites.

Tomorrow there is a session (A Teacher’s Journey Into Second Life) by Lisa Linn, the lady who has been running the Second Life playground. I am curious to see what her presentation covers. And I’ve been assured that a replacement speaker with a similar focus will be presenting in the 8:00am time slot tomorrow, where Dr. Dede’s talk on mobile technology was scheduled.

The Introduction to Maya session today was overflowing with attendees. I learned that these hands on sessions start passing out tickets a half hour prior to the session, and once all the computer seats are given out they start passing out observer tickets (yes, I got one of those). I’ll have to get in line early for tomorrow’s Maya session on gaming. Today was my first exposure to Maya, and I like it! I simply must get a copy of it as soon as possible.

Another full day is scheduled for tomorrow. I can’t wait (and will blog it tomorrow night).

One response to “Day Two: CUE Conference

  1. I understand (DeDe). Great speaker! However, I though this years CUE was great.

    Administrators do not go to events like CUE. There is another technology conference that they normally attend is CoSN and NECC.
    NECC is REALLY big.

    Hope you can make NECC.

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