Wii-Hab: Today Show

Wii-Hab Segment, NBC Today Show

All too often video games are only shown on TV in a negative light, as a distraction to children and destructive force for adults who become addicted. Add the dimension of violence to the debate and there are more than a few pundits that will publically label them as one of the central ills of our society.

This is why the story today on the Today show stood out so much. They actually did a positive story on the use of the Wii in the physical and mental rehabilitation of people recovering from severe injury. This is an inspiring story of using physically engaging video games to bring people out of their depression and isolation, and to heal them while having fun (the smiles on the faces of those in the segment attest to this). Watch the segment to see how the Wii is being used with these patients.

The motion sensing controls of the Wii are the perfect match for these types of games. Virtual worlds will also be a platform where these controls might expand the appeal, and knock down learning curve for these new worlds. Here’s a story from Wired on the marriage of the Wii remote with Second Life for use in training simulation:

Wii + Second Life = New Training Simulator


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