Two views on Technology and Teaching

I always follow the trackbacks on comments made to blog entries here on the PacRimX Blog. Tonight I had someone leave a comment that lead me to his webpage (a teacher) and a video that he created on teaching technology in school:

This video then lead me to another video (from his website), same topic with a very different approach:

What is clear is that a lot of people are starting to highlight the technology gap that exists between our students today (Generation Y) and the schools they attend. The gap exists between the technology they use in their daily lives and the lack of this technology being used in their education. We can either start building the bridges now, or we can continue to ignore and ban these technologies, and keep classifying them as distractions to learning.

Scan YouTube, read blogs, join a social network, and look at the diversity of media and consumption being used by our students today (and we can save the topic of DRM for another day, but students ignore and circumvent DRM to load their media on a variety of devices). There’s a tidal wave taking shape, the swell is still a ways offshore. If we continue to ignore these technologies they will eventually flood our campuses not only in the pockets and backpacks of our students, but in the briefcases and purses of our new teachers. Isn’t it time we recognize and leverage the use of these technologies in education and stop focusing on their abuses?

Note: Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of pics and emails about the NEC Concept Design P-ISM. They are included in the second video as if they exist today. These concept designs were first released in Germany in 2003. They do not exist today beyond a concept (the only component that is a consumer product today is the virtual laser keyboard). Jump to this NEC Tokyo page for a range of NEC concept designs that also do not exist today, and may never see the light of day in actual consumer products.


One response to “Two views on Technology and Teaching

  1. Thanks Stan….I found both of these videos to be very informative. I plan on using them for the new IB class I am teaching in the fall – Information Technology in a Global Society.

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