Sun Spots and Wonderland

Interesting video posted today to YouTube of a Sun Spot being used to control the Wonderland client:

SunSPOT WT Rotterdam Computer Interaction Device

While I am sure this is more of a proof of concept, as there are actually two Sun Spots being used (one for rotation of objects, the other for movement), it does show how much more open the Sun platform is (even in this very early v0.3) over other virtual worlds.

I am visiting Sun on April 10th, taking a group involved in our pilot project with Darkstar/Wonderland. I will see what I can post from that day here on our blog (and will have camera in hand if allowed). We should also have our first server online in the next week running the default environment with voice. I’ll post some thoughts on that once we have it going.


One response to “Sun Spots and Wonderland

  1. Hello what api calls do u use in the client for control 3d object?

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