New Albums Posted to Flickr

I have been so busy with both work and family that I’ve lagged in getting two of the most recent photo albums online.  Tonight everyone went to bed early here at the Trevena household, so I have a few hours to do some catching up.  I always load the full resolution photos to Flickr, so it’s a time consuming thing to ge them organized, uploaded, tagged and descriptions written.  Both of these photo albums are related to NASA: 

The NASA workshop was so much fun.  I have a ton of pictures, but I opted to only post a few of my favorites.  Far too many have pictures of individuals that were in attendance at the event, and I am not sure that they would want their pictures posted here.  And I did not get permission to post their pictures.

This workshop was a unique opportunity for me and my students.  And as you can see from the pictures, NASA allowed me to bring one of my sons, Corey, for the weekend workshop.  I hope that we have other opportunities with PacRimX to participate in similar workshops. 

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