Sun Project Kick-off This Week

This will be a big week for PacRimX, and on a larger scale Stanislaus County education. We have a group travelling to Menlo Park this week to attend an open house and a variety of meetings. The group consists of representatives from Stanislaus County Office of Education, Sylvan Union School District, and Modesto City Schools (and a guest from San Diego State University that also works with Global Kids). All of us are very interested in the new Sun Virtual World platform Wonderland.

There are twelve people in all heading over to the Bay Area this Thursday. We are going to have to sign non-disclosure agreements before entering the Sun Executive Briefing Center and Open Labs. I will take my camera and try to get some pictures, and we will also come home with information we can post to the blog without violating our NDA’s.

Kevin Roebuck is our guide for the day, and we will be meeting the Wonderland development team. It should be a very productive day, if for no other reason all of the players from our county are represented in this group heading to Sun. Modesto City Schools is looking to pilot this new platform in the Fall for a language class. Three teachers will be with us on Thursday. We are also looking to use this with our PacRimX students as a supplement to our Second Life islands. And we will be exploring joint projects with other organizations in our county.

We should have our first Wonderland server running this week at Modesto City Schools. So this will be a very big week indeed, a milestone as we move forward with exploring virtual world technologies for education.

Keep an eye out later in the week for additional information from this visit to Sun Microsystems by the Stanislaus County Virtual Worlds Education Consortium (name may change).


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