Sun Visit and Launch of Stanislaus Partnership

This past week we launched our Stanislaus County Virtual Worlds Partnership with a daylong visit to Sun Microsystems:

From left to right, Jeff Albritton, Brad Cornwell, Stan Trevena, Scott Kuykendall (floating head), Bob Gaussman, and John Patten

We visited during the 2008 Sun Labs Open House. Our day was split between small meetings between our group and Sun Microsystems people, and open access to the Open Labs. While in the Open Labs we had several hours that we spent with the Wonderland group.

Nicole Yankelovich demonstrating Wonderland

Kevin Roebuck was our guide for the day at Sun. Kevin is very active with the virtual worlds community (and Immersive Education Grid Project). We had many conversations about our project, the needs of the platform, technical issues, future plans, and how we would be moving forward. We had a great team in attendance:

Modesto City Schools

  • Stan Trevena, Director Information and Technology Services
  • Scott Kuykendall, Director Secondary Ed
  • Jeff Albritton, Principal (currently Davis HS, will open Gregori HS in 2010)
  • Jim Gain, Supervisor Instructional Technology
  • Mike Westbrook, Network Manager
  • John Newton, Network Technician II
  • Brad Cornwall, Teacher, Johansen High School
  • Jim McCarthy, Teacher, Davis High School
  • James Hooker, Teacher, Enochs High School

Stanislaus County Office of Education

  • Bob Gaussman, Director of Technology and Learning Resources
  • Mark Jeffery, Consultant, CTAP, Delta Sierra Region 6

Sylvan Unified School District

  • John Patten, Director of Technology, Sylvan School District

We were able to finally have the deep conversations that we’ve been wanting on this new platform, Wonderland. We also got to see the new World Builder module that allows for ad hoc room design. I’m going to hold off on posting many specifics, as we have plans for getting all of this information shared with the rest of the community. We also learned that v0.50 is not far off, and will bring many new enhancements and improvements.

We will be launching a new blog this next week to track the progress of this new Stanislaus County-wide project. We all have different applications for these technologies, and as a group we will have many more resources available to us for pursuing these interests (as well as collaboration between organizations). I think we all see the potential of joining together to explore these new technologies, and we aim to make Stanislaus County a leader in deploying virtual world technologies for education and students.

A formal announcement of the blog and URL will follow this next week. We are wrangling with what to name this new project. If you have any suggestions, post them in a comment to this post. As soon as we have a name, we’ve already got posts ready to go online.


One response to “Sun Visit and Launch of Stanislaus Partnership

  1. Connecting Stanislaus and County government generally are very interested in participating with this virtual worlds technology deployment in our communities.
    As (hopefully) most of you know, the Connecting Stanislaus philosophy is to connect and promote an all sector dialogue on technology outreach, training and education.
    Please count me in to participate in whatever capacity that may assist as you continue to move this process forward.

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