Second Life Running on a Phone

Wired Magazine has a blog post up on their website about Second Life running on a phone:

Second Life Running on a Phone

In keeping with the theme of the past two weeks, and alternative clients for Second Life, here’s a new one that runs on a phone. The interface allows some basic Second Life functionality from your cell phone. There’s even a video of it in action on a phone. The company providing this is Vollee. Load times look very slow. You can teleport, walk, fly, have access to your friends list, and chat. Not sure what else you’ll be able to do at this time.

There’s a free open beta signup at

For a first of its kind, it really doesn’t look too bad.


One response to “Second Life Running on a Phone

  1. Thanks for picking this up – just as an FYI load times are in fact very short as nothing is resident on the handset – the load screens are the ones that exist with Second Life and because we run the app on our powerful servers it actually runs faster than on your typical PC. Check it out by registering for FREE open beta today on

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