Stephen Hawking Speaks at NASA 50th

I brought a bag lunch to work today so that I could stay in my office and watch Stephen Hawking talk to NASA about ‘Why We Should Go Into Space

NASA Lecture Series: Stephen Hawking

This event ran just shy of 50 minutes. It was broadcast into Second Life at three venues. Some people were having difficulty getting the video to play in-world, and were directed out to URL’s to view the feed live. For quite a long time my voice and video were terribly out of synch, but that was eventually corrected through a few starts and stops of the stream.

Stephen Hawking spoke on why it is important for us to ignite interest in the space program (through a program that encourages children to study science and math), why we must explore and colonize other planets, and why we might not have heard from any other intelligent life forms yet.

Hawking’s daughter spoke briefly about the benefits of a space program, the sad state of science in our schools (with “on the street” statistics to drive home the point with both UK and US citizens. She also spoke about a children’s book her and her father wrote , and that there is a sequel in the works.

Hopefully, they will post an archive of the video to the NASA Lecture Series site, as this was very good and relevant for high school science students. .


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