Linden Lab Selects New CEO

Just coming across the blogosphere (via Reuters):

Linden Lab picks online marketing executive as CEO

Hmmmmm, interesting. I posted my comments on the search and stepping down of Rosedale back on March 14th. A quote from the Reuters article:

“Linden Lab said on Tuesday it has selected online marketing executive Mark Kingdon as its new chief executive, replacing founder Philip Rosedale.

Kingdon is CEO of digital marketing agency Organic Inc and a former senior partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As of May 15, he will take control of day-to-day management and operations from Rosedale, who will become Linden Lab chairman and work on product development and strategy.”

The focus “appears” to still be on marketer’s in-world, but with a nod to the current diverse community of Second Life:

“I’d like to see a continuation and even acceleration of the incredible in-world development we’ve seen from engaged, highly participative residents. that will create the richness of experience and vibrant economy that’s so important. If there are companies that can participate in the organic growth of Second Life, it’s a great place for them.”

What is interesting about this release and selection is that there are no quotes about “improving performance”, “resolving grid issues”, “open source”, “licensing or distributing servers”, or the big “education”. The closing comment of the article instead quotes:

“Kingdon added that he plans to “magnify the very best” of Linden Lab’s quirky corporate culture, which currently allows employees to choose which projects they want to work on.”

It’s apparent that grid stability and user experience has not been at the top of the favorites list for this past year, we’ll see how that list shapes up in the coming year. Maybe the official press release will go into more corporate culture and infrastructure and less cultivation of “quirky”.

UPDATE: has an encouraging quote from Phillip Rosedale:

“He will have an intense focus on improving the in-world experience and stability and reliability of Second Life. He has extensive hands-on experience with user experience design, which will be critical in making Second Life an easier and better experience for more people. Finally, he has a ton of experience leading companies and products with global reach, which is now essential given that the great majority of Second Life usage is international and Linden Lab will continue to grow as an international company with offices in many locations.”

Still no press release.

UPDATE 2: And here’s the press release.  Not much else to comment on, as education is still absent in any of these stories and releases. 


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