RezEd Launches!


Today hopefully marks a milestone in Education and Virtual Worlds. Global Kids has launched a new portal for Learning and Virtual worlds:

RezEd: The Hub For Learning and Virtual Worlds

We have been limping along with a few listserv’s for over a year now. We all claim to be cutting edge technologists, educators and virtual world explorers, and yet we were using old school forms of communication. Several have tried to pull the community into the 21st century (including my MUVE Me Ning site, which I will shut down now).

RezEd is a blend of social network (ala Facebook), Events Calendar, Forum, Groups, Photos, Videos and everything else you could want. Taking a look at the site it is apparent that a lot of thought was put into this, and that our community would do well to take advantage of this new portal to support our efforts. I understand that this portal is funded through a MacArthur grant, so there’s not much chance of it going away anytime soon.

The SLED listserv has grown to such a size that it’s difficult to keep up. This site may very well be the answer to all of our needs to go to the next level. I believe they are going to start a series of podcasts and best practices, and I know of many in the community that are stepping up to provide content and contributions. I suspect a News section can’t be far off in the future.

If you have any interest at all in Virtual Worlds (and I am very happy that this portal is not locked on a single platform), you need to jump directly to RezEd, start a profile, and start contributing. This is a dawn of a new day for increasing the cohesiveness of our community. And success is often a product of effective communities.


One response to “RezEd Launches!

  1. Oh hush! You’re getting me all teared up!

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for your support. Would you mind reposting on RezEd itself, in some format?

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