Aquarium Demolished in Tragic Tidal Wave

The PacRimX Aquarium was demolished today after taking damage from a large tidal wave during a recent storm. This area of the Modesto Island had to be cleared for a new member of the PacRimX and Virtued team, the Enochs High School Biotech/Forensics Academy. This is a new high school, and a new group of students that will be using the islands for their forensics class.

Dave Menshew runs the Biotech Academy and will be constructing forensic sets (crime scenes) on the island. This project was already being conducted with Kyoto students in real life with physical props being sent between schools. They will now be experimenting with life sized sets in Second Life that the students can virtually walk through looking for clues and solving crimes. We’ve allocated almost a quarter of the island for this project.

This is an entirely new use for the PacRimX Islands. Police tape was strung up around the new forensic lab area on the Modesto Island tonight to keep wandering students from compromising the evidence at the scene.

Dave will be blogging his student’s activities as they work through this project. We look forward to the Biotech/Forensic students joining the PacRimX project.

2 responses to “Aquarium Demolished in Tragic Tidal Wave

  1. The kids have started their study of virtual worlds. I was surprized to see that none of my team of about a dozen kids were all that familiar with that aspect of computing. The kids did meet and re-write their Ezra Keats Pan-Pacific Mystery to include the virtual aspect. Soon they will connect with their peers in Japan. Some have begun to study Japanese through resources made available by Stan Trevena. All are looking forward to online conferencing and face to face meetings as the project progresses.

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