Testing Complete, Installations Proceeding

The new lab computer configuration was tested this morning. There is a HUGE increase in performance running this new dual boot config over our old setup. We had to tweak a few things, and update Quicktime to the latest version to get it all working. We also had a mystery error message that we could not recreate. But all appears to be ready for deployment.

First on the block are six computers at Enoch’s High School for use in the Biotechnology and Forensics Academy. A small group of students will be finishing their crime scene for use with a group of Kyoto students. I will post more details on Wednesday about the specifics of this project. I gave a few details in a post about demolishing the PRX Aquarium to make room for the forensics lab.

Dave Menshew is heading up this project at Enochs High School. We will post updates over the next few weeks as this project rolls out. It will be a blend of real life materials sent to Kyoto, video conferencing, and a virtual world set of a crime scene that the students can walk through together. We will also get feedback from the students after this joint project to post to the blog.

Our other two labs will be done over the next few weeks. Modesto High School will likely be first, with Johansen (the site of the joint summer school class of Modesto Students and visiting Kyoto students) following closely on their heels. We need to have Johansen up and running by min-June for the Kyoto student’s arrival in Modesto. It should be an exciting month while they are out this summer.

Stay tuned for more updates. And a big thanks to Anthony Luna, one of our Computer Techs, for getting this done so quickly (even with taking a week off so he and his wife could have a baby!). Things were looking pretty bleak last month when the new Windlight client was pushed out. I am very glad we worked around having to get new computers.


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