Weekend Work on Crime Scene and Forensics Lab

There was a lot of work going on over the weekend getting the new forensics area of the island up to speed for a big project in a few weeks. A house with a crime scene has been constructed for students to work through a forensic investigation together. Students from Modesto will work with their Kyoto counterparts on this new project. These are new students to the island, not those involved with the exchange program.

The crime involves the theft of a valuable sword from a collector’s house. Not many details can be published beyond that at this time due to the nature of the crime and the detective work the students will have to do to solve the crime:

Empty (and broken) display case

The students have been assembling a full forensics lab complete with meeting a conference room and high tech equipment in the lab. There’s still some work to be done, but the microscopes are up and running as of last night:

Microscope and Data Terminal

With a web browser now integrated into the SL viewer, students will use DNA clues to access the National Center for Biotechnology Information to identify evidence found through a virtual terminal in the lab (see above screenshot).

This new area of the PacRimX Islands is a departure from our past communication, collaboration and cultural exchange activities. With this project we are using the SL platform for collaborative classroom simulations of real world settings related to forensic analysis. This is a hands on exercise that could not have been done to this level of detail in the classroom. Dave Menshew and Chris Flesuras will write up the results of this project when it is complete.

Keep an eye out for more screenshots and stories over the next couple of weeks.


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