Ghosts of Buildings Past

We worked late into the night last night putting the finishing touches on the crime scene and forensics lab. There were quite a number of new Japanese students online wandering around. The last bit of work we did last night was to put a parachute launcher on the roof of the lab (can’t be all work and no play). This morning when we logged back in we were surprised to find pieces of the PRX Aquarium had returned from the grave to rez over the top of the lab. These aren’t even at the right altitude from where they were before.

All of the Japanese students that were online this morning (after midnight their time) were dressed in Star Wars outfits wielding light sabers. Here’s one of them posing over some of the PRX Aquarium remnants.

There have been several posts this weekend about problems with the grid. This is a new problem we’ve never seen before, deleted chunks of buildings rezzing back on the island months after they are deleted. Hopefully this is not a sign that there are serious issues with the asset databases, and possibly restoring of data that does not belong. Very odd phenomenon indeed.


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