The Virtual World Chasm

I just got back last night from a weeklong vacation exploring the eastern Sierra. We visited Bodie (a ghost town), climbed a volcanic formation on Mono Lake and explored some fissures (picture above), explored a volcanic crater filled with obsidian, and visited the Tufa’s of south Mono Lake.

I am just started to read my overloaded inboxes at home and work, after being unplugged all week with no cell or Internet service.

There’s a great post up at Terra Nova from Bruce Damer:

A New Virtual World Winter?

This is the first in a series of posts. He calls this Part One: Does the Chasm Still Lie Ahead? He asks a series of questions about virtual worlds and the future of these technologies. There’s a healthy discussion starting in the comments of this post. This is well worth a read by anyone dabbling in virtual worlds.

I’ll get things back up to speed in the coming week on both the PacRimX and Virtued blogs. The worst part of taking time off is coming back to piles of work and overloaded inboxes.


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