Forensic Student Meeting In-world

The forensics lab was officially opened during a meeting between the Modesto and Kyoto students this past Monday (June 9th):

Kyoto Student Pictures added to the lab wall

We held a meeting of the students to kick off the Ezra Keats Pan Pacific Mystery project. The Modesto students have constructed a fully realized crime scene complete with a fully furnished house, shoreline and backyard deck with BBQ (part of the story). They then planted clues around the crime scene of a stolen sword. The Kyoto students will now examine the crime scene, collect clues, run forensic tests using functioning equipment, and try to solve the crime.

Student meeting @ midnight SLT

The Kyoto students could not meet at the regular time (5:00pm SLT/PDT). We had to meet with them after they got out of school. The conference started at 11:15pm SLT/PDT, and ran until roughly 12:30am. The Modesto students took turns introducing themselves. The Kyoto students were then to take turns and introduce themselves. As the Modesto students were finishing their introductions the voice servers went down. Not only could we not hear the Kyoto student introductions, we could not communicate with them via text chat.

I popped out to the SLED listserv to see if there was any mention of a problem with voice. Sure enough, there was a message from 11:30pm stating that there was a problem with the voice servers, and that the service had been disabled. However, a more recent message stated that the problem had been resolved and all was back to normal. Not so fast, I posted a message stating that we were still down, then I called the Concierge line. I was told by the Concierge that they were still experiencing a packet loss issue between servers, and that they had no idea when it would be resolved (didn’t sound resolved to me).

We ended up getting some sporadic voice and were able to wrap up the meeting a little later than planned. This was very frustrating, especially since this is a whole new batch of students not affiliated with last year’s PacRimX project. First impressions are often the most important, and one of the impressions many of the students had from this first meeting was one of frustration with technical difficulties.

This project will pick up again in a month, after the PacRimX Kyoto students return to Kyoto after their summer school here in the states. I am supposed to get some comments from the Modesto students with their impressions of this project, and their work over the past month on pulling this project together. I will post those to the blog as soon as I get them.


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