Teacher Video Conference – Kyoto Trip to Modesto

Teacher Video Conference between Modesto and Kyoto

This past Tuesday (June 10th) some of the teachers that will be involved in the joint summer school class here in Modesto met via video conference to nail down the final details before the arrival of the Kyoto students this next Friday (June 20th) in the US. This is the culmination of a yearlong program between Modesto and Kyoto using the Second Life platform as a component of their individual programs. The students first met online (and in video conferences) last summer. This will be a first, and hopefully set the model for future joint projects between our schools.

The new Kyoto students on PacRimX started school in late April. They have been interacting with Modesto students informally in-world since. My 16 year old triplets (founding students with PacRimX) were online with a group of them last night for several hours. Some early impressions are that they are much less shy than last year’s students, they are already using voice to communicate, and they ask a lot of questions. I am not sure what has lead to this shift in student attitudes and behaviors, but it will surely have a positive impact on the program in the coming year.

All eyes are now focused on the arrival of our visiting students next Friday.


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