Second Life’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Linden Lab has set up a Wiki to track all the info coming out of this event: SLFB Official Wiki

Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdon kick of the Birthday Celebration:

Link to “official” video and audio from event and text transcript

I missed the opening celebration speech for Second Life’s 5th birthday yesterday. I was out greeting our visiting Kyoto students to their joint summer school with Modesto students. So I had to listen to the audio from the event this morning.

There was not a lot of specific information and policy statements for the future of Second Life made in this opening speech. I was expecting a bit more, with some enthusiastic proclamations about the future of the platform, including open source projects and interoperability of the platform moving forward to be included. And on the stability front, there were only a few brief comments emphasizing that it is still a focus at Linden Lab.

Here are some statements from the 15 minute keynote by to peak your interest to click the link above to go and watch/listen to the whole thing:

  • “One of the advantages of using streaming audio is that hopefully, and I stress hopefully, there are many more of you listening than are standing in front of me right now” – Philip Rosedale at the opening
  • Second Life Birthday Sim location of the event.
  • Mark Kingdon, M Linden and Philip Rosedale, Philip Linden.
  • 20 sims make up the area of the SL Birthday location. Philip noted that on June 23rd in 2003 there were only 16 sims online at launch.
  • A million people or more that are actively using Second Life, quarter million a day.
  • Stability a big focus as we move forward.
  • 250 people working at Linden Lab.
  • Over 60% of the residents are outside of the US. A whole set of diverse values, beliefs and even laws that we have to take into consideration.
  • It’s phenomenal from an education perspective, and in today’s world where we are so resource constrained in the real world with energy and physical space, the thought of educating and being educated in Second Life is really really exciting.

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