Textbook: Creating your world

Class Textbook

At the end of the school year we purchased two classroom sets of the new “Creating your world” book on Second Life. The students really like this book, as it gives very good coverage of some of the more advanced techniques in Second Life. There’s also a CD included with the book with tutorials, templates, textures and other goodies.

Here is a list of what is covered in the book:

  • Basic concepts: Understand movement, inventory, and client/server issues
  • Advanced building: Morph prims and design anything with these advanced techniques
  • SL scripting programs and third-party editors: Use a variety of tools to write, test, and debug scripts for vehicles, games, motion, and more
  • Become a virtual pioneer: Start terraforming with SL land tools
  • Dazzle visitors: Make an impact with textures, lighting, landscaping, and more
  • Go Hollywood: Storyboard, shoot film, add sound effects, and produce machinima
  • Real communication: Manage data, chat, and send e-mail — inworld and out

Today the Modesto students started working with this book by building the snowman. Some of the snowmen were pretty standard per the book:

Happy Snowman

Others could not stop at just one snowman:

Send in the snow clones

A few students grouped up and made snowman scenes:

Accidental Dismemberment

And some of the snowmen just could not take the Modesto summer heat:

“I’m Melting!”

This book is very well done, and it stands out among the other Second Life books which are mostly just introductory to the subject matter. Here’s a free chapter from the book to sample (courtesy of the “official” Second Life website). Any aspiring content creator should get a copy of this high quality book.


One response to “Textbook: Creating your world

  1. I totally agree with you; this is an excellent book, especially the chapter on Terraforming. We ordered several copies for our student builders/scripters.

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