New Flickr Album – Kyoto Discovery Kingdom Trip 2008

Today in class I was given a collection of pictures from the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom trip yesterday. There were too many to post in a blog entry, so I uploaded them to our Flickr site. Click on the album to the left to jump to this Flickr album. Being the end of the trip, the students were mixing together well and have obviously formed new friendships.

We just wrapped up the last summer school class with the visiting Kyoto students. Many stayed up to an hour after class to say their goodbyes. There were many cameras out as they were taking their last pictures together. The late afternoon Modesto class, that normally works in Second Life, are focused on finishing the rendering of the documentaries. It’s going to be a push to get these burned to DVD to go home on Monday with the students to Kyoto.

We will work on getting other albums up over the next couple of weeks. I was just handed a stack of hand written notes from both Modesto and Kyoto students with their impressions from this summer school. I will try to get these up over the weekend. We’ve got almost a 135 gb of photos and still images from this summer school experience. It will take awhile to go through it all and post stuff up to the blog.


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