Student Impressions of Summer School

Here are a few impressions that some of the students wrote on their way out the door.

“I really enjoyed being in class with the exchange students and making friends with a lot of them. Although it was hard to communicate at first, we managed to work together successfully. The field trips were a great experience for both the American and Japanese students. There was a lot to explore in San Francisco and it was nice to be able to witness their reactions to American culture. I also loved hanging out with them at Marine World because they were willing to try a lot of things. I will definitely miss them all. This is the first time that I’ve actually looked forward to class, even during the summer.” – Sherri R.

“I enjoyed BBQ with Family. I was very excited. Fireworks, BBQ, and jumping. I enjoyed swimming at lake. We swam very far. But the lake is very cold. I enjoyed San Francisco sightseeing. Golden Gate Bridge, Japan Town, and Fisherman’s Warf. I enjoyed Monterey and Gilroy. I watched fishes and shopping. I enjoyed Marine World. I’ve excited to be Marine World.” – Yuyu S.

“I loved working with the exchange students! It was a very nice experience to work with each other throughout these past three weeks and develop relationships even with the language barrier. Although it was stressful at times (trying to finish the music videos and documentaries in such a short time), it was all worth it. The time spent together in class and on field trips was priceless. I’d do this all again in a heartbeat.” – Jewel A.

“I enjoyed American life. For example, school life, leading a life with host family, and traveling etc. I was anxious about everything. But, I teamed up with my friends and did my best. So now, I think traveling to America is good.” – Kanji O.

“I enjoyed go to the beach. I playing touch football with host father. We went to the beach on the way to the Mystery Spot. That place are magic experience. Thank you so much for having me in your class. I enjoyed BBQ. Many people eating beef and drink. I enjoyed go to the watching fish. Really fun.” – Itsuro H.

“Mr. Cornwell spoke English very fast, but I can understood” – Kengo M.

“It was difficult for me. But it was fun too. I like this class. Students and teachers are so kind. I want to stay more if I can do it. I want to meet you again, if you ok. Thank you so much.” – Daichi M.

“The computer was very difficult. This experience is precious for me. Thank you for having me in your class.” – Masashi Y.

“Time was few. Very difficult but very fun.” – Shinkichi Y.

“This class was very difficult, but very fun.” – Kenta K.


3 responses to “Student Impressions of Summer School

  1. I just thought I would do one.

    “These past three weeks have been the best of the whole summer. I found that working with the exchange students was not only rewarding in itself for the sheer power of teamwork, but it has given me a new respect for the idea of language without slang. Though the language barrier loomed overhead, we found ways to work together to successfully create both an amazing music video, and an amazing documentary about the students trip to America. I hope this program will continue to unite our two countries in a never ending quest to learn everything we can about each others culture. I would trade the time I spent in this class for anything.” -Shay O.

  2. Shay was a valuable member of this class, his hard work and sense of humor added immensly to the experience of this class. I’m sure his last line above meant to say “I would not trade the time I spent in this class for anything”

  3. Thanks Stan, yeah, this keyboard is too small for my fingers.

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