It’s A Whole New World

All of our islands have been moved to their new locations. The junior high and high school students from Kyoto Gakuen are finally able to meet face-to-face. We are now part of a 13 island project that currently includes 17 schools from around the globe (and expanding). With schools in more time zones we will have many more opportunities for our students to interact with global citizens, even some during our school day hours. And a new partner to the project will be bringing a whole new avenue of exploration and global collaboration for our students.

Our official announcement will be made in the next week. Suffice it to say that everyone involved is very excited about the potential for the coming year. We’ve finally broken out of our little “ship in a bottle” (what we called our four island PacRimX project), and have arrived in a new world teeming with residents from around the globe. This is going to be big!


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