Q&A With Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon

There’s an interview up at VentureBeat with the new CEO at Linden Lab, Mark Kingdon:

Q&A: Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon on Second Life’s latest evolution

This is a pretty good interview, and quite long for this type of spot. The conversation wanders through resident numbers, Mark’s first few months at Linden Lab, business in Second Life, the competition, and a strange closing statement.

When asked in closing where will the Metaverse wind up, Mark responds with:

“If we look out more than a few years, I can see that most people who are connected digitally will have a presence in a virtual world. It’s compelling. Travel is becoming more and more expensive. We can visit places virtually because of the cost. It will be a huge market.”

What?!? Virtual tourism? Hmmmm. I bet Neal Stephenson never imagined that use for the Metaverse. I think I’ll take the real thing over virtual any day when sightseeing in far away lands (and even nearby locations). What a bizarre answer. I would have expected something more on par with “advances in education”, “business use of the Metaverse”, and “the evolution of the 2D web into the 3D web”.


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