Orphaned by an Upgrade

Here we are again. A forced upgrade was flagged Monday night and the complaints started in full Tuesday morning from educators that suddenly found their computers inoperable. This patch was supposed to be for ‘security’, but many people found that they had issues with graphics and lag (especially Mac’s).

I ranted on this subject upon the release of Windlight. I caused a flurry of discussion going all the way back to Linden Lab. Waner James Au was at the Virtual Worlds Expo in LA recently signing copies of his book. When I was getting my copy signed he looked up at me as said “Weren’t you the one who caused all the commotion with the Windlight client upgrade?” (great book btw: http://tinyurl.com/52gotp)

So instead of ranting again, I’m going to post a link to an excellent blog post on this subject:

Iggy’s Syllabus: Orphaned by an Upgrade

Iggy nails it in most respects with this post. The one thing that I am glad to see repeated by others is that educators should not put all their eggs in one basket. If they are going to use virtual worlds in their classrooms they should be examining other options. And any educator doing anything with SL should be subscribed to the SLED listserv.


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