Kyoto Students Visit Modesto Area

Our annual visit by Kyoto students to the Modesto area took place two weeks ago. There were over 300 students that were visiting the Modesto area. We had students at three of our high schools; Beyer High School, Enochs High School and Johansen High School. Many activities around the area take place during this visit, including a trip to nearby Yosemite National Park. I was able to meet with the principal of Kyoto Gakuen to discuss the upcoming trip in April of Modesto students visiting Kyoto. I’ll personally be taking 20 students on this first exchange to Kyoto since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

At the end of the weeklong visit by Kyoto students there is a joint assembly where all of the students perform for each other. These are the students who are home staying and the Modesto area families who are hosting them at this assembly.

Here are some pictures from the assembly:

Johansen Principal Thor Harrison

Kyoto Teachers

Johansen Singers

Johansen Dancers

Johansen Cheer Squad 

Kyoto Student’s Skit

Kyoto Martial Arts Demonstration

Kyoto Group Jump Rope Demonstration

Johansen Students Jumping Rope with Kyoto Students

End of Assembly and Farewell

We are very much looking forward to our exchange this April to Kyoto, Japan. We will cover this trip in detail on this blog. We have finally reached a point in time when parents of Modesto students are comfortable with their students traveling overseas as part of an exchange program. Students who have been participating in the PacRimX project will be given priority for this exchange.


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