Kicking off a New Year and New Projects

Well, here we are about to embark on a new year. The transition from our old PacRimX Islands to the Skoolaborate project was anything but smooth. This transition started in August. The only remaining issue I have is that I’ve still not received an updated invoice from Linden Lab for this year’s maintenance on our islands that we just transferred to Skoolaborate.

All student accounts have now been created for the new school year. The teacher accounts have been requested and should be online in the next few days, they are already online with their transferred avatars. And now we have our first two events planned with Kyoto.

The first event will be the Jidai Matsuri (Festival of Ages). Here’s a link to last year’s event. We are tentatively scheduling this year’s event for December 4th. It’s a good thing that the Kyoto students are doing all the building for this, as the Modesto students will just be starting to learn how to build over the next month. We will again be using the “Creating Your World” book as the textbook this year. It worked really well for our summer school classes.

The Modesto City Schools Kyoto Exchange planned for Spring Break ’09 is going to the School Board next week. Once we have approval we will recruit 20 students for this exchange from three of our high schools here in Modesto. This will be the first exchange of Modesto students to Kyoto since the September 11, 2001 attacks. We will also have a waiting list in case any students can’t go. We are planning on a gift exchange between Modesto exchange students and their host families via video conference on December 18th.

Now that we have our students online they will benefit from the exposure to all of the other schools from around the world involved with the Skoolaborate project. We will likely be joining in on their planned events as well. This will be an exciting year. We have a total of 144 Modesto students and three teachers involved in this project this year. I expect the Skoolaborate project to really take hold and hit a stride in the next six months. See a recent post on the Skoolaborate blog about our recent mergers.


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