New Skoolaborate Map – Rezoning

The master plan for the Skoolaborate project chain of islands is complete. Westley Field presented this at last week’s Skoolaborate Partner’s Meeting.

As explained in the videos below, the islands are subdivided into wedge zones; Education, Culture, Social Action and Living spaces radiating out from the center island (that island houses the tutorial towers). This functional design will be more manageable as the project takes in more partners and expands outward from our current 13 islands. Four of these islands are open space sims, and are currently water.

The arrows are walkways that are on the borders of all of the islands and can be used to easily navigate around the islands. Kiosks are being put up around the island with this map and teleporters for getting around. We had a little impromptu boat race the other night in one of these open space bays. We had some time on our hands while the Linden Concierge did some repairs.

We had an ‘oops moment’ when the ownership of a parcel was transferred for the Forensic project, reducing the square meters of the other parcels on the island (thus reducing the prim counts on the others). A large contract build in the center of that island suddenly lost half its prims, leaving it a mix mash of random prims. To their credit, Linden Lab’s Concierge was quick to respond to a ticket and rolled this island back inside of two hours from when it happened.

We were on Friday night removing builds from the pre-move PacRimX islands and planning our relocation and rebuild of projects. The big one that needs to move is the Forensics project. Dave Menshew, Teacher at Enochs High and creator of this virtual forensics project, was not excited about tearing down everything that was built over this past summer for the Ezra Keats Pan Pacific Project. I know the feeling, as I experienced it the first time we redesigned and rebuilt the old PacRimX islands. But as one of the students that was online with us Friday night said, “It’s the building that’s so much fun”. I’ll post some pictures once we get the new Forensics area built and back online.


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